a poem for my love

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Often I feel this urge

To hold you in my arms

And forget everything else

And kiss your lips red strong.


How strange this world is

That I can`t even ponder in myself,

And tell my psyche to suppress

These wasteful thoughts that are so stressed.


Many a times I’ve tried

To whiff away these desires,

And accept this truth that life

Doesn`t rule over your thoughts always.


But still I cannot control

The urge to have you on my lap

And that denying the reality

Wouldn`t make it true.


And now even worse that hath betide

Is that in my dreams you abides;

The warm breath of your heart

Blesses my soul to salvation,

And your loving gentle touch

Bring the joy in my whole divine.

And every night what I see is

You to be mine and only mine.


To be honest, you are now my life

No matter how weird this might sound.

And I believe this urge is the proof

That love is true and I can`t get away from you.



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Darkness everywhere

The greed reeking

Embracing the devil

Befooling the king


The soft chains and

Gossamer tied knots

With rotten spirits

Dressed with blood draught

Cold and smooth;

And the essence conflated

With sweat of blackbird;


And for blackbird

Alas! Honest siren

Though feign slyness

But couldn’t withstand

The wiles of the anonymous;

For he preaches the bird

But enthralls her to deign


And the king

He lingers to comely siren

Unaware of her wiles

And get entoiled into her eloquence halcyon;

The apricity evanescent europhically

Stealing his soul with leaving

His wan body on bier;

But now it`s been too late

To alter the consequence

For this he hath lost the

Broil first time ever in this lot.

new moon

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Belied was new moon
with wan veil of clouds upon.
Chic with gruesome wiles.

the catastrophe

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They ask me why i fear ragging. Well who can explain them that it reminds me of my childhood memories and that i had to suffer the past as well when i live in the present. I wonder how somebody finds his joy in someone else’s woes and wails. I sometimes feel like zombies do exist and this is something that makes it relevant. And if they really are a zombie, then its okay to have one more misery in my life that will choke me for some more extent. Afterall messing up with mess wont make any sense. But the only worst thing that i suffer is that i can’t control my emotions and my mind couldn’t control the flow of thoughts which my heart leads.. I bet all the fellows and zombies must have been amazed and confused by the tears dripping over my face. Well if you can not handle somebody’s personal ails, better stay away from it.