a poem for my love

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Often I feel this urge

To hold you in my arms

And forget everything else

And kiss your lips red strong.


How strange this world is

That I can`t even ponder in myself,

And tell my psyche to suppress

These wasteful thoughts that are so stressed.


Many a times I’ve tried

To whiff away these desires,

And accept this truth that life

Doesn`t rule over your thoughts always.


But still I cannot control

The urge to have you on my lap

And that denying the reality

Wouldn`t make it true.


And now even worse that hath betide

Is that in my dreams you abides;

The warm breath of your heart

Blesses my soul to salvation,

And your loving gentle touch

Bring the joy in my whole divine.

And every night what I see is

You to be mine and only mine.


To be honest, you are now my life

No matter how weird this might sound.

And I believe this urge is the proof

That love is true and I can`t get away from you.