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Darkness everywhere

The greed reeking

Embracing the devil

Befooling the king


The soft chains and

Gossamer tied knots

With rotten spirits

Dressed with blood draught

Cold and smooth;

And the essence conflated

With sweat of blackbird;


And for blackbird

Alas! Honest siren

Though feign slyness

But couldn’t withstand

The wiles of the anonymous;

For he preaches the bird

But enthralls her to deign


And the king

He lingers to comely siren

Unaware of her wiles

And get entoiled into her eloquence halcyon;

The apricity evanescent europhically

Stealing his soul with leaving

His wan body on bier;

But now it`s been too late

To alter the consequence

For this he hath lost the

Broil first time ever in this lot.


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