Month: January 2014

is that true?

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This strange feeling
that i get through
knowing end near
is that true?
I listen to my heart shrewed
but my mind scream
its true its true its true..


the time

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O` l`ll black belt on my hand

Thy bound me with thine two hands

Reminding time that I hath spend

Writing poem that reverent heart mend

Brimmed with gloomiest thoughts chained

With this harsh moment that hath strained

My body and soul will lead to an end


But o` clock

Thy can never entoil the flock

Of birds of words inside me

They would never stop

Crying deep inside me

Though they may look calm

For your one round

So that thy can hear your own sound

But one moment will come

When the chains thy mend

Will start losing their ends

And the rage smoking calm and slow

Will have some flow

As soon as the wind blow

The thoughts will start shining with glow

And then they won’t get in the riddle

Thy mend to hold

The day will come

When thine sound will be slow

And the voice silenced till now

Would be clear and no low

ode to an old friend

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o’ old fere
ye lend me sympathy
though not all the toll
standing nigh concrete
but thine soul
as a shadow sticks
to the sole
and whisper everytime
to not frighten
but to light the darken
and beleive on myself.

That wassailer`s potion

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I was exited

To loiter into the past

For this I was granted

By the same wassailer`s flask

Who seemth to be dreaming

This pale miserable lot

Forlorn he needed accompany

So I offered some toll.

I poured some wine

Left in the pot

And drowned into the silence

with fire burning unto heart

I saw gravity fading

And world dancing around

As if everything in rhythm

forlorn mine was fault